The following is an extract from ‘Talk to the Tail’ by Tom Cox

19 May 2009

Am I now officially hound-friendly? It would seem so.  This afternoon I walked, Henryless, between the Norfolk villages of Castle Acre and West Acre.  After a mile or two, I passed a welcoming-looking pub, with ‘Don’t Spook the Horse: 7.30’ written outside.  I couldn’t work out if this served as an advertisement for some live music, or just as a general instruction for the welfare of passers-by.  No horse emerged, but a small brown mongrel – the kind of dog a person finds himself wanting to call ‘Rascal’ – did, then followed me down a lane leading to a ford.  I attempted to shoo him back, but he seemed quite determined, and continued to walk a few paces ahead of me.  There was a presumption about this on his part, as if this had all been prearranged by a third party: his dark lord and master, perhaps, who lived in cave at the end of the footpath he now led me along. 



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  1. Hi Guy’s
    Caught your Elme Hall gig today, had a very enjoyable afternoon, have been Neil Young fans forever, in our 70’s now, have all his recorded stuff plus some imports we couldn’t get here back then. It was a shame so few turned up in support. we have worked in country music ourselves for years and find a decline in audiences there also. we will definitely catch up again. thank’s for sharing your talent.
    Pat & Richard Wade

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