How yer doin’?

The Horse

Here you will be able to listen to recordings, see photo’s, read reviews, find out about the gear we use – you know the kind of stuff.

Oh yeah, and find out where we are playing next.

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  1. Dave Bruce Johnson says:

    Hi Mark Brian and the DSTH band
    Cool to see you are playing at Reepham festival .
    We have friends on rural Norfolk who took us to reepham last year – and we are planning to head back to Norfolk this year’s festival …there is a great vibe there so will look forward to hear you again …last time at Paul Docker’s NY reunion in Brixton 2011?
    From our side, Not So Young took a “wheel in the ditch ” about three years ago so I’ve hit the city and found a blues band to play fiddle in…
    Hey – I can always throw a Violectra in the car if you want any guest fiddling!
    regards and rust…
    Dave Johnson , Birmingham

  2. Mark says:

    Pleased to hear you are going to be there Dave, it should be a good gig! The organisers have asked for Crazy Horse hits… Sorry to hear about Not So Young, but obviously it’s good you still have wheel on the track with the blues band. Easy to rust this summer. Mark

  3. Neil T says:

    Guys… please contact me..i private messaged you on your FB Jazz and blues gig….. were on the bill with you…. but alarm bells are ringing!!!! please get back to me asap!!

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