How it happened…

Two guitar players had just done a gig in London in a covers band. On their journey back up to Norfolk, listening to Tonight’s The Night, they started thinking what a shame it was they couldn’t go out and just play tunes by Neil Young.

And then it happened. They realised they could, and also that one of them looks a bit like Neil.

Don’t Spook the Horse – recreating the unmistakable spirit and stage humour of a man still refusing to burn out or fade away. We take you on a journey through Neil Young’s long and varied career. From delicate acoustic masterpieces like ‘Through My Sails’ and country classics such as ‘Heart of Gold’, to the powerful folk rock anthems he is so well loved for.

Brian Eade:  Vocals/Guitars/Harmonicas/Lapsteel
Mark Fawcett:  Vocals/Guitars/Banjitar
John Lawson:  Bass
Dave Jackson:  Drums/Vocals

Neil Young is not often in the UK, but his music is – to book ‘Don’t Spook the Horse’ contact Mark Fawcett on 01328 830209 or by email.




  1. Nick Southgate says:

    Really enjoyed your gig at the Cornerhouse in Wells last night. Thanks guys!

  2. Terry Harvey says:

    On a short break in Wells Next The Sea, my wife and I went for a drink in the Corner House last night and were surprised and delighted to be regaled by an acoustic duo playing fabulous versions of Neil Young songs (my favourite singer along with Dylan). Trawled the Net today to find we had been listening to the famous Don’t Spook The Horse. Long may you run.

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